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well as you can see i havent posted in awhile… this is because my psp broke… i know it’s sad so this blog will no longer be posted on… im sorry…. good bye everyone.



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3.80 M33 UPDATE

a 3.80M33 upadate has also been released you can get it from note that you meed to have installed 3.80 m33 to install this upadate to 3.80 m33 – 2.

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3.80 M33 RELASED

Dark alex has finally released and this is no joke! It has been tested –>   go to his site and its the link right at the top. enjoy 😉

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3.80 M33 Update


Those hoping to pick up the 3.80 M33 custom firmware may have to wait a few more days. It’s come to our attention that Mathieulh has given a small update on the work for the CFW. According to him, work is currently being finished on the NIDs Resolver, and we may very well see a release within the next week or so.

More good news about the highly-anticipated Sony PlayStation Portable 3.80 M33 custom firmware, and this bit comes directly from none other than Mathieulh himself. It seems that as of this writing, the unreleased custom firmware is already in proper working order and boots perfectly. It runs all existing homebrew program in User Mode as well. This in itself should already be great news, as we’re pretty much guaranteed a safe, non-bricking and still awesome CFW to play with. Why, then, isn’t it released yet?

Mathieulh reports that there are still something that Dark AleX needs to iron out before declaring 3.80 M33 a finished product – namely, the NIDs Resolver that allows the launch of homebrew programs in Kernel mode. It will also help in making sure that all the plug-ins present will be usable without any extensive modifications. It’s safe to say that while this doesn’t sound like much, it’s still a very important (and very time-exhaustive) thing to work on, so we’ll just have to be patient until DAX ties up all the loose ends.
Sourced from electro

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Dark_Alex’s new Website

Check it out –>

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3.80 M33 CFW Beta Released

It contains heaps of bugs apparently but heres the link anyway –>

Be carefull lots of bugs

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3.80 M33 Relased tomorrow!

YES!! I kid you not, tomorrow dark alex will be releasing his latest custom firmware after weeks of waiting. Stop by for download links and more information

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Go!Explore GPS pricing details released

After reporting way back that Europe would see their Go!Explore GPS device in February ’08, it’s only fitting that Sony release pricing details this month. This information comes just after the United States announcement, and it’s nice to see Sony bringing everything together (read: not forgetting anyone). Anyways, it seems that this accessory will retail for about €119. This isn’t exactly a pretty price, but you also have the option of purchasing the GPS system and software with a PSP and car accessories, saving some money for bundling.

The European GPS software will contain 2D and 3D maps, driving directions, and everything you’d come to expect from a GPS system today. There will also be 11 available languages, for the different regions. No official release date, but we’re still leaning on February ’08. For further details regarding the Go!Explore accessory, refer to the SCEE press release. (Sourced from PSP-Vault)

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Blue Ray Movies coming to PSP

Blue Ray is a very high qualtiy format of movie and sony has said that they will be making cd’s that can house these large films. The movie can be copied onto the memory stick of the psp and viewed from there or through the UMD slot.

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Skype only coming to Slims

Following my Skype speculation, a few more details have been provided by GameSpot. We had a few members wondering whether this Skype functionality would come to both handhelds, or just the newer PSP Slim (PSP-2000) model. For reasons not yet known, the Skype software will only be available for download to PSP Slim units. These PSPs will then be able to communicate with any other Skype-enabled PSPs, as well as PCs. A specific microphone will be required for Skype communication (likely the mentioned USB-headset). No mention of video chat at this time.

GameSpot is also reporting an additional feature, where PSP owners can sign up for a dedicated phone number, for about 2,250 yen (~$20). This deal may be exclusive to Japan. That’s all we know at the current time, but expect an update (if not release) within the month. It won’t be long before you’re “Skyping” with fellow PSP owners!

Update: This phone number add-on seems to be SkypeIn, which is available for multiple countries. If this is the case, any PSP user could obtain a personal number, not just local to Japan. This phone number can be called from a regular (non-Skype) phone, and answered by your PSP.

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