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I’m Back!

Well as you all may have noticed i have not been here for over a week. Well my PC was broken and it needed to be fixed, and it did today. so i thought since i had been gone so long that i kinda should do something to say sorry so i got us a shout box that opens in a small window. Check it out the link is in the top left. Any way i have a weeks worth of news to cover and about a minute to type it! So lets start with M33 3.71-4. So basically this just has new support for multi-disc PS1 games that you purchase in the PSN store, this didn’t work earlier due to M33 drivers treating them as decrypted games. Also it has added support for decrypted multi-disc PS1 games created with popstation_md (supplied with this release)

This is also included in the release.

  • Bugfix: Games without compression had sound issues when using 3.72 pops. Fixed.
  • Added support for multidisc px games created with popstation_md.
    • Note: multi disc games will only work in 3.71 and 3.72 pops. Previous pops will exit to the xmb with generic error 0x80000004 when attempting to run multidisc games.


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  1. Good to see your computer working again.

    Comment by thesd16 | December 19, 2007 | Reply

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